“In just a couple of days per problem, Mr. Conley leveraged the TRIZ analysis process to decompose each of the problems and generate a lengthy list of possible solutions.  What was amazing about TRIZ is that a single person skilled in its use generated in a week’s time nearly identical solution sets that we had four separate teams of a dozen people analyzing, brainstorming, and compiling over several weeks.  Consequently, TRIZ resulted in a 20X reduction in manpower to do problem decomposition, analysis, and solution generation.”

Lead, Kirtland Rapid Reaction Team Air Force Research Laboratory

“The results of the TRIZ analysis, regarding the Satellite Top Deck project, were impressive and demonstrate a capability that would be of great value to the AFRL mission.  There are several attributes of the project that I would like to specifically comment on.  First, it is clear that the disciplined analysis methodology that TRIZ brings is very thorough and all encompassing.  Despite Mr. Conley having no particular back ground in satellite’s structures he was able to apply the TRIZ methodology to generate an impressive set of solution concepts.  Furthermore, he achieved this with very little technical input from my group and in an impressively few number of hours.  The results make it clear that the processes utilized are robust and capable of accurately focusing in on issues that may be hidden within a large and complex system. Second, the breadth of solutions produced provide ample flexibility in how the ultimate solution could be implemented, the solutions certainly bound the potential solutions set from simple to complex.”

Branch Technical Advisor, PhD Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate

“I have taken two, week-long TRIZ courses from David and can vouch for his ability as an instructor in this subject area. His command of TRIZ concepts is quite strong and thorough; I particularly like his ability to connect that various parts of TRIZ to each other which allowed me to comprehend the entire discipline as a whole. His ability to clearly explain TRIZ concepts with relevant examples is outstanding. I always felt that I understood each concept he presented, and had a solid example I could refer back to as an aid to deepen my understanding. Dave is also quite enthusiastic about TRIZ, and this enthusiasm is contagious. He’s an engaging, lively and humorous speaker and I wouldn’t hesitate to attend anything he’s presenting or teaching.”

Principle Engineer, World’s Largest Semiconductor Manufacturing Corporation

“It was clear that we were looking at a potentially powerful tool for systematic innovation when David, with little prior knowledge of our operations, quickly took us into a creative solution space that had eluded us with mere brainstorming. When we dove even more deeply into applying this methodology (Systematic Innovation for Business), we quickly enhanced our capacity to break our mental inertia, moving beyond only small, incremental improvements to a world of more innovative and systematically far-reaching solutions.”

Mark Epstein MD, MBA
Associate Medical Director, PMG Specialty Care

“I had an opportunity to interact with David, when we hosted him at our World Head Quarters to present seminars and conduct training classes. David did an excellent job in explaining the TRIZ methodology in a simple manner and tying its relevance to business. He is an individual who exhibits a fine balance of breadth and depth of knowledge about TRIZ. As a TRIZ practitioner he recognizes the challenges we need to face justifying the ROI and provides great input on how to build, sustain, and grow the TRIZ activities in an organization. He has strong work ethics and is excellent in maintaining confidentiality. I would highly recommend him as a go-to person for TRIZ related activities.”

Food Scientist PhD at a large, Multi-National Food Company

“Upon learning of a firm’s innovative product or service offering, I often wonder how the firm arrived at such a creative idea. Thanks to David Conley’s expertise and the process utilized by Innomation Corp, I now have greater insight into this question. Through David’s effective facilitation of TRIZ and Systematic Innovation for Business, breakthrough solutions to complex problems became readily apparent. For many businesspeople, developing innovative ideas is not a natural tendency. Through TRIZ, the typical businessperson possesses tools to identify creative solutions that only the most skilled of innovators would propose.”

Tony Lenhart
Director, Business Development
Presbyterian Healthcare Services

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