About Us

The Firm:

Innomation Corp is a dedicated to the acceleration of innovation and our clients’ mastery of the natural technology and business trends governing the micro and macro changes within their industries.  We gratify with our services and expertise and provide leading edge training and project consultation that fundamentally changes our clients’ relationship to their competitive technical and business environments.  While employing a host of methodologies, Innomation Corp bases its services and products on the Theory of Inventive Problem Solving (TRIZ)

Our Principal:

David W. Conley has been an engineering and business problem solver since 1984 and has worked across a wide set of disciplines in a variety of industries.  He holds a BS in Nuclear Engineering, MBA with a concentration in Finance, and certification from the International TRIZ Association as a TRIZ Specialist.  Further, David holds a position on the Executive Committee of the Altshuller Institute for TRIZ Studies.  His educational and work experiences give David the ability to bridge the idea gap between technology, computing and business  problem solving.  Therefore, Innomation Corp’s services can be aptly applied to technology systems, computing systems, business systems, or to a combination of all.
More about David Conley

David W. Conley Experience:

BS Nuclear Engineering – Texas A & M
MBA Finance – University of New Mexico
TRIZ Professional (Level 4) – International TRIZ Association
Plasma Physics Research Officer – Air Force Phillips Lab
Space Nuclear Propulsion Research Officer – Air Force Phillips Lab
Sterilization Engineer – Johnson and Johnson
Facilities Engineer – Philips Semiconductor
Engineering Consultant – Lockwood Greene Engineers
Robotics Design and Installation – Intel Corp
Wet and Dry Etch Tool Installation Group Leader – Intel Corp
US Payroll Operations Manager – Intel Corp
Industrial Engineering Manager – Intel Corp
Automation Manager – Intel Corp
TRIZ Program Manager – Intel Corp
Executive Board Member – Altshuller Institute for TRIZ
Systematic Innovation Consulting and Training – Innomation Corp


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